Michael Bilbrey

Why I’m the best choice to represent you on the CalPERS Board of Administration

I’ve dedicated my life to serving public employees because I understand how important our work is to the residents of California. Whether we work in schools, public safety, public works or providing another service to Californians, we work hard for many years to earn our pensions. We sometimes sacrifice the higher pay we would get in the private sector to keep the secure retirement CalPERS provides.

Now, our work and our retirement security are under attack, as politicians statewide and nationally scapegoat public employees and try to turn the public against us. This is the time to stick with a proven leader instead of electing someone with zero experience and unknown motives.

I have a long history – 25 years to be exact – of fighting for the benefit of others. I’ve fought for the rights of my coworkers at Citrus College, where I currently work as a book store operations coordinator. I led the California School Employees Association as Association President ensuring its members voices were heard in their local chapters, at the state Capitol and in Washington, D.C. I’ve been a strong advocate for all CalPERS members since I was first elected to the Board of Administration in 2011, and will continue to fight for you once I’m reelected.

Effective leadership is more than speaking for the sake of speaking. Being a good leader requires actively listening and careful analysis before reaching conclusions. Good leadership means being responsive to members, considering all the sides and making good decisions. A good CalPERS board member is level headed, experienced, understands the issues, and fights to protect the benefits we’ve earn through decades of dedicated work. I am the best choice to represent you on the CalPERS board and that’s why more than 30 employee groups and individuals have endorsed me, including my former opponent Wisam “Sam” Altowaji. I ask for your vote so I can continue working for you and for the retirement security we all deserve